Significant energy savings for series and mass products

Heating up a oven takes a lot of energy, which normally disappears when it cools down. Our new continuous oven has a constant temperature. This saves us considerable energy costs and makes the furnace the most sustainable choice for the diffusion of series and mass products. How special the innovation is, became clear from the visit of alderman Hubert Mackus, who came to see the start-up of the oven.

Our new continuous oven takes a little longer to reach the right temperature, but uses less energy. Has it reached the correct temperature? Then it remains in continuous operation, even on weekends. By means of a lift system and locks, containers containing the parts and chromium-containing powder automatically slide through the oven.

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Increased quality and delivery time

The uniform temperature ensures constant quality in every layer. The lead time is also shorter due to automatic cooling. The oven still loses some energy when the containers are pushed through, but this is much less than before due to the continuous process and the excellent insulation. The oven only needs to cool down for maintenance.


Special requests

This is a big difference with diffusion in batches, where the oven is heated up from room temperature to process temperature with the products in it. When the process is finished, the door is opened to allow the container to cool down. The precious heat from the oven is lost - a shame in these times of climate change and energy shortages. These ovens are therefore only used for specials. The delivery time is flexible.

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