Resistant to water, acid, and the elements


If corrosion is the problem, Chromin offers the solution. From food to shipping, under a wide variety of conditions, we ensure that your metals meet all your requirements.

Strong and hygienic

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In the food industry, stainless steel is often used as it is resistant to corrosion. But stainless steel has poor running properties and is not resistant to wear. Surface hardening makes the material hygienic, applying an extremely hard and wear-resistant coating. 

On land, at sea, and in the air

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Each sector has its own challenges. In shipping, it’s salt and chloride. In aviation, it’s the stringent demands for lightweight materials. In the pharmaceutical industry, it’s the need to prevent contamination. Fortunately, we have the solution. 

Trusted by the best

With a genuine interest and solid expertise, we are a valued partner for all our customers. We are proud to help them achieve their aims.

‘Cleaning agents nowadays are often more aggressive than the product a company processes. That’s something we also take into account.’


A longer life for any component

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Wherever wear occurs, Chromin can help improve component quality and prevent failures, even in the most extreme conditions.


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Strength in
extreme heat

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Problems with high temperatures or temperature shocks? Our diffusion techniques are the ideal solution if cold or heat are causing problems. 


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