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Resistant to harsh corrosive conditions

Cast-iron or steel-toothed sprockets must have a very high corrosion resistance if they are to be used in food production. Food acids, juices, and cleaning agents create severe corrosive conditions. Materials with corrosion-resistant qualities are an option, but they are expensive and don’t have the best running properties. 

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With hard inchromizing (CM 3001), we add about 35% chromium to the surface of the steel. This creates a corrosion-resistant material with ideal running characteristics and high wear resistance (hardness: 2000 HV), extending the service life to more than three years. 

Food, chemistry
Acids, juices, and cleaning agents
Wear-resistant and 100% food-safe
Research, treatment, testing, production
Dimensions and material
GGG40, ΓΈ 67 x 26 mm
Hard inchromizing (CM 3001)

The best treatment for extremely wear-resistant parts with a hard and dense structure and good running characteristics. Dimensional changes are minimal.

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