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Service life increased from three to more than twelve months

When the land is irrigated, ditchwater is regularly sucked up. This water also contains sand particles, which enter the spray system and cause significant wear to the components. To solve the problem, a tungsten carbide spray layer was initially chosen. This produced a service life of around three months. 

CRM1718-1 Landbouw besproeiing detail.png

By using a diffusion technique to increase the surface hardness to as much as 2000 HV, Chromin has greatly increased the pump’s wear resistance. Its service life is now more than one year. 

Agriculture, mechanical engineering
Sand particles causing wear
Long-lasting wear-resistant parts
Research, treatment, testing, production
Dimensions and material
AISI 304 DIN: 1.4301, ΓΈ 54 x 50 mm
Hard inchromizing (CM 03002)

The best treatment for extremely wear-resistant parts with a hard and dense structure and good running characteristics. Dimensional changes are minimal.

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