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An affordable yet high-quality alternative

The high temperatures and temperature changes in pilot-light systems quickly degrade the base material when using low-alloy or unalloyed steels. This often results in the system failing. The use of heat-resistant materials is not an option, as this makes the costs extremely high. Plus, the parts are difficult to produce and machine. 

Free-cutting steel is a good alternative – a material that creates a low-cost design that is easy to produce in large series. But without surface treatment, this solution doesn’t meet the technical requirements.

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With soft inchromizing (CM 1001), we add about 35% chromium to the iron on the surface. The free-cutting steel then achieves a temperature and oxidation resistance of 850°C, making for an unlimited service life.  

Mechanical engineering
Degradation due to high temperatures
Temperature-resistant free-cutting steel
Research, treatment, testing, production
Dimensions and material
Free-cutting steel, DIN: 1.0715 x 11 x 42 mm
Soft inchromizing (CM 1001)

Give cheaper steels the properties of heat-resistant steel, with a longer service life. 

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