New cleaning installation can handle all contaminants

Faster delivery times and even higher quality: with our new, fully automated hybrid cleaning installation, we can now serve customers even better. The installation removes both organic and inorganic contaminants with up to grade 2 cleanliness. This enables us to meet the demand for products with a high degree of cleanliness, such as those required in the high-tech sector. With the new cleaning installation, Chromin occupies a unique position in the Dutch market.

Industrial components require a clean and hygienic surface. COVID-19 has led to even more stringent hygiene requirements. The demand for industrial products with a high degree of cleanliness is therefore putting considerable pressure on the cleaning capacity in the industry. Particularly in the medical sector, but also in the food and semiconductor industries, the requirements with regard to contamination are strict.  

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Even higher quality

The cleaning of technical components is therefore a hot topic for suppliers to the high-tech industry. And subcontractors in the production chain are often subjected to the same requirements. To meet this challenge, we decided to invest in a fully automated hybrid cleaning installation. With this new acquisition, we offer our customers even higher quality and cleanliness. 

From medical to high-tech

Importantly, we can also completely clean and degrease products that contain both organic and inorganic contaminants. The fully automatic hybrid installation can clean and degrease components with wet chemical cleaning, under vacuum. As a result, customers in the high-tech industry (e.g. the semiconductor and medical industries) can also count on us for cleanliness specifications of up to grade 2. 

Ample ambition

The new cleaning installation is part of a larger round of new developments and investments. For example, our production logistics have been further professionalized and automated through the use of robotics. We are also expanding our production capacity in anticipation of the shift towards electrification in the automotive industry. The installation is now fully operational and available to our customers. We have already carried out the first treatments with great success.


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Quality right